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Enticing animated videos that Intensify your appearance in the market.

The SoftCube delivers highly mesmeric videos that exhibit the actual shades of unbeatable professionalism. We gratify companies belonging to different niches. Our expert video makers have the expertise to help you boost your business. As one of the leading animation studios, we deliver top-notch animation video services to our clients backed up by innovation and uniqueness.


Our professionals work by keeping the work process clear. The dedicated team of scriptwriters at The SoftCube brainstorms ideas that fit your requirements perfectly. We begin by curating a draft. It is then sent to the clients for review. Our scripting process does not only contain general writing but a detailed explanation of the scene as well.

Storyboard and Style frame

Once the script is ready, our expert storyboard artists jump in to create a complete set of images that goes perfectly with the story of the video. These images are created in premium quality and are able to describe the entire composition of your video. Our adroit team of designers develops a general graphic style. We offer several variants of illustrations so that you always have options for your animated videos. We apply the specific details to the storyboard creation in the most precise manner so that it can be carried out well when it is converted into animation and further gets rendered.

Animation and Sound

At this stage, our experts convert the illustrations into an animated video with an added attention. The SoftCube strives to make animation style-free. We do so to make the animation videos indelible and captivating. Sound effects are the crucial part of creating. We cater to your requirements with the finest voiceovers and illustrations.

Set In Motion!

This is the phase where the magic begins; our dexterous motion designers add life to the simple images. Our diligent team of renderers struggles to tailor the finest animated videos that can help you take your brand’s engagement to the next level. The SoftCube understands the requirements of your business; hence we craft staggering videos for you to satisfy your needs.

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