Our Leadership

Sajjad Rehman


With utmost passion blend together with the ultimate vision, Sajjad Rehman has been able to pull out The SoftCube from zilch to what it is today — an emerging and prosperous Digital Product and Design Agency. Along with focusing on innovation, he also refocused on the work culture to catalyze a platform where people do not only work for the sake of their professions. All the members of The SoftCube are served with the opportunity to learn and grow professionally and personally in their respective fields.

In 2021, the young enthusiast saw an opportunity to establish a groundbreaking organization to craft neoteric products and experiences to assist brands in leading within the digital arena. Within a short span of time, he and the co-founder of The SoftCube, Junaid Perwez, turned the tables around and achieved success like none other in the industry. Under their leadership, The SoftCube has grown and transformed into a digital podium serving hundreds of clients globally.

Sajjad Rehman is the name of a pioneer who began his career at a budding age. With tremendous experience working for over a decade, he has been able to form an organization solely based on ingenuity and his leadership skills.

“Any person can sit in front of the canvas with a brush in their hand, but a blank canvas is not a work of art. It takes more than just mere thoughts and efforts to be able to create a masterpiece. Achieving your dream sometimes even requires the last drop of blood and sweat, but the end result is worth the grind.” – Sajjad Rehman, CEO.

Apart from being a relentless entrepreneur and a great leader, he shares his undying love for video games. Note that he is addicted to victory and takes challenges pretty seriously—you have been warned…

Our Leadership

Every organization is built strongly when its pillars stood firm. We are delighted and a proud team to perform under the management of our supreme pioneers.

Sajjad Rehman

CEO - Founder

Junaid Ali Perwez

COO - Co-Founder

Ahsan Raza

Head Of Marketing

Umair Ali

HOD - Head of Production

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t

Bill Gates


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